Composite decking is a great alternative to the dwindling and high-maintenance natural lumber options. They have become such beautiful and long-lasting decks for homeowners. However, there are so many variations out there, it can be hard to decide which ones will benefit your next deck project the most. We suggest looking for types that offer quality for the price, easy-to-match options, and durability. Here are three companies that we work with and others have voted as some of the best.


Large Product Database | Lower Pricing

Trex is one of the biggest names in the industry and has gained valuable expertise over the years. They’ve got a large selection of decking options with matching decorative materials at a lower cost than their competitors. The main components of their decking are reclaimed plastic and wood/sawdust. A majority of the plastic is sourced from grocery bags and plastic film and the pieces are compression-molded. Trex’s finished product is a capped board that lasts longer than wood and handles the elements well to prevent decay and mold.

Cleaning Trex boards is also just as hassle-free as the product itself. Their suggested methods are using a composite deck cleaner, a mild soap, or just gentle pressure washing. One thing Trex does warn their customers to stay away from is acetone and solvent cleaning products. These ingredients cause the composite materials to break down.


Multiple Finishes & Sizes | High-Quality

Timbertech is known for its Azek boards and a large selection of finishes and widths. Their high-quality composite boards sport a higher price in comparison to other companies. Yet, many customers have testified that the expense is proven worthy by its longevity and wood-like appearance. Many like the Azek selection. It’s made from 100% plastic polymers and isn’t mixed with other organic materials. Otherwise, the other notable styles are made with those same plastics and mixed with wood fibers. You can have a deck that’s resistant to stains, scratches, splits, mold, and mildew when you make it from Timbertech’s capped boards.

If you want to clean this kind of deck, you’ll need a special kind of cleaner. Timbertech recommends their proprietary Timbertech DeckCleaner. Due to the specific materials in their boards, you’ll want to avoid other brands of cleaners. Luckily, Timbertech has curated a specific formula that will clean and preserve their composite decks.


Mineral-based Composites | Strong

The next notable company on our list is Deckorators. They specialize in more than just Wood-Plastic composites (WPC). While they sell a noteworthy selection of WPC, we’d like to focus our attention to their other option. Deckorators have a mineral-based composite (MBC) made from minerals and advanced plastic polymers. While they have a limited color selection in comparison to competitors, prices stay within an average range for high-quality results. Their MBC is strong, water-resistant, decay-resistant, slip-resistant, heat-resistant, and lightweight. These boards will not experience sagging, bowing, or thermal expansions either.

Deckorators is confident in the strength of their product, but they still recommend spot-testing your deck before you clean the entirety of it. They recommend you start with mild soaps or gentle pressure washing with a fan-tipped nozzle. If you need something to achieve a deeper clean, they have an entire care and maintenance guide to help you get results.

There are so many amazing composite deck manufacturers out there. We’re lucky to work with a handful of composite deck companies. Though they may not have made the top 3 list this year, we’re excited to see how each of them will continue to grow and serve businesses like ours and homeowners for decades to come.