Pergolas can be a beautiful structure for many homes. Some of the best benefits of a pergola are that even the most simple structures can fit both the style of the customer and their home. They add an elegant focal point to the layout of your property. Have you thought about adding one to your home? Whether this is the first time you’ve considered a pergola, or you’ve been doing the research for a while, there are plenty of great reasons to consider it as an addition.

Shade and Comfort

Though you won’t have complete shade with a pergola, you might find the partial shade to be preferable. It is a great way to cool down and feel comfortable during hot and sunny days while still feeling immersed in the outdoors. If you have a pool, a pergola can offer great sun protection when you’re out of the water and it creates a visually appealing place for tables, chairs, swings, and lounges. Take the time to examine your property and place it where you will feel the most comfortable and will benefit you most.

Increased Property Value

While we’re sure you intend to add a pergola for your own enjoyment, it is a helpful element that will increase the value of your home once you are ready to sell. Take the time to invest in a well-made pergola when you are ready for one. You’ll find that while you may benefit from it for a time, the money put into it will be worth it when it is more appealing to potential buyers as well. Pergolas are a great way to keep your deck in good shape over the years by decreasing its exposure to the elements.

Privacy for Dining & Entertaining

Pergolas feel spacy and open while still providing a secluded space for you and your guests. Make the most of it! Have summer barbeques, enjoy dinner under some string lights and candles, and take time to read a book in the shade. You can have additional privacy by adding screens or curtains or planting small trees along the sides.

Versatile Style

Make use of all the space you have around and beneath the pergola. If you have space for hanging plants, vines, a small garden, or flower beds, it will immediately elevate the area. Make use of adding lights to your pergola as well to make your evening experiences more romantic and cozy. Your space beneath the pergola can be whatever you want it to be. Make it fit your style and keep it functional for your living space.

Pergolas can be built into various shapes, sizes, and styles so that they will fit well with your home. The typical materials that are offered by most businesses are wood, metal, and vinyl. Look at all your color and design options. Let yourself experience all of the pergola benefits. These structures are a great addition to back porches, entrance walkways, yards, and gardens.

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